Affordable Cochlear Implantation  In India
CARE Hospitals has over a decade’s expertise in diagnosing and managing Cochlear Implantation . The procedures for Cochlear Implantation in India today are much more advanced. At CARE Hospitals, patients have quick access to specialists in General Surgery,  ENT and other related disciplines.

Cochlear Implantation at CARE

A cochlear implant is a highly advanced medical device and the only technology that is capable of functionally restoring hearing in children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss.

Cochlear implants provide an effective alternative to those who are not getting benefit using hearing aids. They don’t use amplification instead, they bypass the damaged part of the ear and use electrical stimulation to enable hearing.

A cochlear implant is surgically implanted under the skin and soft tissues, on the skull bone behind the ear and the electrode array will be inserted into the cochlea (inner ear) to improve hearing capabilities of someone with limited or no hearing.

How It Works 
The cochlear is comprised of both internal and external components. The internal and external portions work together to change sound into electrical signals that are sent to the hearing nerve.
  •  Sound is received by the microphone
  •  Sound is transmitted from the microphone to the speech processor which digitalizes the sound into coded signals.
  •  Coded signals are then sent to transmitter which sends across the skin into the internal implant and convert it into electrical signals.
  •  The signals are then sent to electrodes to stimulate the remains of hearing through the cochlear nerve and into the hearing centre in the brain.
Procedure and Recovery

These are the steps taken to fully and successfully execute a cochlear implant


Surgery is required to implant the internal components. The receiver / stimulator assembly is placed on the temporal bone and the electrodes are inserted into the cochlea, which in turn directly stimulates the hearing nerve. The implantation procedure usually takes about one and half to two hours.

Switch on and Mapping 

After the incision is healed, the programming of the speech processor will be carried out and the external parts of the implant will be hooked up and switch on the implant will takes place. The patient will begin to hear then.

Auditory Verbal Therapy 

Children who are not exposed to the hearing world must undergo extensive exercises to improve their speech, language and hearing skills.

Progress of the relationship between the device and user is entirely dependent on the work that goes into it. The more one practices, the better they hear. As you go about your day and listen to the sounds around you, you are training yourself to hear with your cochlear implant. You can help the process along with training and rehabilitative exercises. Early diagnosis of hearing loss is essential to identify the children born and to fit them with cochlear implants to prevent speech and language delay. Younger children often make great progress working with auditory verbal  therapists and other hearing professionals trained to help develop listening skills.

At the same time children and adults who have developed speech and lost hearing at later stage in life due to various causes are also the best beneficiaries of cochlear implant surgery to restore their hearing quickly and to return to normal life.

About CARE Hospitals

The CARE Hospitals Group is a multi specialty healthcare provider, with 14 hospitals serving 6 cities across 5 states of India. The regional leader in tertiary care in South/Central India and among the top 5 pan-Indian hospital chains, CARE Hospitals delivers comprehensive care in more than 30 specialties in tertiary care settings.

Today the CARE Hospitals Group comprises 14 multi superspecialty hospitals offering comprehensive patient-focused care, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, medical equipment and facilities, complemented by globally trained and experienced doctors and professional support staff, available 24*7.

Adopting a service-oriented delivery model, CARE Hospitals provides cost-effective medical care, with an uncompromising commitment to its core purpose, “To provide care that people trust.” Founded in 1997 by Dr B Soma Raju and a team of India’s leading cardiologists, the CARE Hospitals’ founders developed Asia’s first indigenous coronary stent — the ‘Kalam-Raju stent,’ named after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, and Dr B Soma Raju, Chairman and Managing Director, CARE Hospitals Group. This is just one of the many innovations developed at CARE Hospitals, which strives to make healthcare affordable for all, while ensuring clinical outcomes at par with international standards.

International Patient CARE

CARE Hospitals extends its services to other countries across the globe. CARE Hospital's International Patient Services Centre offers 24*7 customized services and personal attention to international patients, who wish to avail medical treatment in India. We ensure that distance and language are not obstacles to receiving compassionate healthcare.

We provide a wide range of key services for international patients, including:
  • Medical opinion and appointments prior travel/admission
  •  Visa applications and extensions
  •  Flight arrangements and airport transfer services
  •  Accommodation bookings for accompanying persons
  •   Language interpretation services 
  • Advice on cost estimates and medical financial counseling
  •  Arrangements for special dietary requirements
  •  Religious arrangements
  •  Concierge services
  •  Emergency care and non-emergency care
Patient Testimonials At CARE  
Mr Tee Haa Ne Ne From Myanmar Speaks About His Treatment At CARE
They took care of me when I was in the ICU. The nurses and the doctors used to come and meet me 2 times. I would suggest to all the people--come to CARE Hospitals. They took good care of me and did everything possible.
Mrs Thaung Thaung Htay From Myanmar Speaks of Her Son Aung Khant San’s Cardiology Treatment at CARE
Mr Zardan Mail Khan from Afghanistan Speaks of His Daughter’s Pediatric Heart Surgery
Mr Amiri Mohammed Ewaz from Afghanistan Speaks of His Son’s Pediatric Heart Surgery
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