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Testimonials From Our International Patients
Mr & Mrs Ekemwzie Patrick
I don't know when the corporate objective of the company was formed, but I know that c-a-r-e is interwoven with the corporate objective of the company, the hospital that is called CARE....The whole team here is working towards the same objective to make sure that the people who come here are taken care of. And they do it every time.
Mr Ande Chukwuma Muottoh
I came to CARE (Banjara, Hyderabad) as I learnt that they use a laser to perform the surgery. When one is coming to India, getting a visa is easy with the help of CARE. I am so pleased with this hospital! I came back a few months ago to get some check-ups, because this is such a good hospital. I especially admire doctors like Dr Prasad Raju, he is a very good doctor. This hospital is like home.

Ms Umali 
Dr. Rao has given me wonderful treatment; my family members back home were very happy. Post operation, the nursing staff took good care of me; I still cannot believe that I have become normal so soon. I recovered much faster than I had thought. It is a perfect hospital and will take care of you.
Mr Emmanuel Ejike Muottoh 
I am deeply satisfied with my reception on arrival, as well as the treatment administered (Banjara, Hyderabad). I would especially like to mention the hospitality of the staff. All of them, from the nurses to the cleaners, do their job well. We never realized that Indians were so caring! The services are fantastic and I am thankful for the treatment we received.
Mr Naqibullah
My daughter has been falling ill since she was one month old; she was regularly suffering from cough and cold. On consulting a doctor back home, we got to know that she had a heart problem. The hospital has treated us very well, made us very comfortable. Doctors here have a positive attitude and told me how my daughter was recovering day by day. 
Mr Shanullah
This hospital has provided excellent treatment. (They) performed a surgery and replaced a valve successfully. Everything was timely, whether it was medicines or food. We had an Afghani translator too. 
The doctors here are very service oriented, and I have never seen such commitment, neither in Pakistan nor in Afghanistan. The doctors and sisters in CARE Hospitals are loving and caring.
Mr Kabir
I consulted a doctor regarding my son’s ill health in Kabul, where he was diagnosed with two holes and a problem in a valve in his heart. We are really happy with this hospital; all the doctors and nurses have been very good to us. We never had a problem; doctors are available round the clock to handle any emergency situation. 

Mr Dawood
I will recommend this hospital in Afghanistan to all people for its good facilities, for its hygiene and for serving us our home Afghani food.
Mr Faizullah
I was happy visiting India and was hopeful for my son’s recovery. The doctor explained to us in detail about the treatment and the risks involved in it. It gave me a lot of confidence and I am very happy with the results now. Not only me, the other 12 children’s parents who came along with us from Afghanistan, are happy with the results. When we return to Afghanistan, we would recommend CARE Hospital for anybody suffering with a cardiac problem. We will suggest them CARE Hospital in Hyderabad.
Mr Ezat Mir
My daughter’s surgery was performed and I am really satisfied with the treatment. I had complete faith in the doctors, that they would give their best and was 100% confident about the surgery. The doctors and the nursing staff were very cooperative; I gained confidence when I spoke to them. The nursing staff was very affectionate, and they always treated us like their family. I will recommend this hospital for people across the world and especially for the people in Afghanistan who suffer from cardiac aliments. They have to visit India and especially CARE Hospital in Hyderabad for quality surgery and good results. I can challenge you that you can't find a hospital like CARE Hospital.

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